I UK [kɑː(r)d] / US [kɑrd] noun
Word forms "card":
singular card plural cards
1) [uncountable] British thick stiff paper, thinner than cardboard
a) [countable] a piece of thick stiff paper folded into two equal parts, with a picture and a message on it

She sent me a lovely card on my birthday.

a card says/reads something:

The card read, "Get Well Soon! Love from all at the office".

birthday/Christmas/get-well etc card:

Did we get a Christmas card from your brother this year?

b) a postcard

I scribbled a quick card to my parents.

3) [countable] one of a set of 52 small pieces of thick stiff paper used for various games. The set is called a pack or deck and is divided into four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.
a) [countable] one of a set of small pieces of thick stiff paper used in games or activities such as happy families or tarot
b) cards
[plural] the activity of playing games with a set of 52 cards

I've always been lucky at cards.

play cards:

Let's play cards this evening.

game of cards:

There's time for a quick game of cards.

c) the cards
[plural] playing cards or tarot used for trying to discover what will happen in the future

The cards never lie.

She said she had seen our future in the cards.

4) [countable] a small piece of thick stiff paper or plastic that shows who you are and that you have authority or permission to do something

I handed the assistant my library card.

I can't find my membership card for the sports centre.

flash a card (= show someone a card quickly):

They said they were police and flashed cards at us.

a) a small piece of thick stiff paper with your name, your job, and the name of your company printed on it

Let me give you my card.

b) a piece of thick stiff paper on which you record information about something

To register with the doctor you need your medical card.

I looked at my score card.

c) a piece of thick stiff paper with printed information on it, usually part of a set

a collection of recipe cards

d) a list of the sports events that are planned to take place at a particular time

There are six events on the card today.

a) [countable] a small flat piece of plastic used for getting money from a bank, cash machine etc or for buying things. You are usually given a special number, called a PIN number, with your card so that you can get money from a machine

I gave the waiter my card.

She produced her Visa card and paid the bill.

6) [countable] something that gives you an advantage in doing something
someone's strongest/best/trump/winning card:

His strongest card was his friendship with the prince.

7) [countable] computing a circuit board that fits inside a computer and connects to a particular piece of equipment such as a modem or computer screen

You'll have to install a new Ethernet card.

8) [countable] informal old-fashioned someone who makes you laugh

get/be given your cardsBritish

old-fashioned to be told by your employer that you no longer have a job

hold/have all the cards — to be in a good position to beat or defeat someone because you have all the advantages

The kidnappers seemed to hold all the cards.

hold/keep/play your cards close to your chest — to not tell people what you are thinking or planning

In business, it pays to play your cards close to your chest.

lay/put your cards on the table — to tell people exactly what you are thinking or what you are intending to do

I'm going to lay my cards on the table and say that I don't like the idea.

play the ... card — to use a particular quality, argument etc in order to gain an advantage

politicians who play the nationalist card in order to get votes

play I

II UK [kɑː(r)d] / US [kɑrd] verb [transitive]
Word forms "card":
present tense I/you/we/they card he/she/it cards present participle carding past tense carded past participle carded
1) to give a player a red card or yellow card in football, for bad behaviour
be red/yellow carded:

Copland was red carded for two offences.

2) to pull a tool like a comb through wool or cotton to make it ready for spinning
3) mainly journalism to achieve a particular score, especially in golf

Vickery finished third after carding a score of 68.

English dictionary. 2014.

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